My name is Hélène, I am the founder of BONJOUR dog grooming salon.

After working for years in the field and having groomed thousands of dogs, I can say that I have rather well understood what dog grooming is all about, while also learning about dogs and their behaviour. All this has created a solid base for our activities.

For us in grooming, well-being of dogs, great grooming, listening to our customers and working on the terms of dogs are of paramount importance.

I have also wanted to introduce the French “joie de vivre” in our salons, which I think you can never have too much of. Dogs like this as well : )

With these forewords, I heartily welcome you to our groomers at BONJOUR dog grooming.

Our story

BONJOUR dog grooming salon saw daylight in the summer of 2019, when Olari’s dog grooming salon was established in Olari, Espoo. Hélène, who moved to Finland from France, was one of the founding members and working as a leading groomer, who, regardless of the language barrier, learned the secrets of grooming and after working in the field for years decided to establish her own grooming salon and reform the sector.

From the beginning, the corner stone of the grooming salon has been first-class grooming services, excellent and happy customer service, and working on the terms of a pet.

The word about Olari’s dog grooming salon spread fast and the grooming salon quickly became a very popular place. As the activities and the number of customers grew, it was decided to upgrade the company under the name BONJOUR dog grooming salon, respecting the French origin and enabling to open new grooming salons and better communicate to customers.

In August 2021, we opened our second grooming salon in Tapiola, Espoo, BONJOUR dog grooming salon Tapiola. Our story continues, hopefully you are a part of it.

Do you want to join us?

We are looking for new grooming talents to join our team using the groomer-entrepreneur model. You can already be a professional or just starting your career as a groomer. However, it would be good to have already some experience working with dogs in one way or another. The most important thing for us is making things happen, service orientation, working on the terms of a pet and a positive attitude. Send a message if you want to join us.